Dump Truck Anti Tip safety measure by Wink.

  • Take Control of your investment!

  • Can Be Installed on ANY Make or Model of Dump Trailer

Safety with Wink Anti Tip Dump Protection

Dump anti tip protection can be installed on ANY make or model of dump truck or dump trailer.

Protect your investment with our Anti Tip safety feature. This system can be fitted to ANY make or model of dump truck or dump trailer whether it be a Freightliner, Peterbilt, International, Mack, Kenworth or any other. Safety is key to being successful. Contact your insurance agency to see if you can receive a discount for having a Wink Anti Tip Safety Feature installed for tip over protection on your dump truck or trailer.

3 options of Dump Protection available


(the warning light is attached to a slope detection device specially designed for any brand of trailer, this safety device is powered by the ABS System and is tied to a warning light located at the rear post. If the light is on it is unsafe to dump the trailer).


(when the warning light is on and the driver continues to attempt to dump the trailer an electric horn is activated when the body begins to raise up off the fifth wheel warning the driver again that the trailer is sitting at an unsafe angle and should be lowered and moved to a more suitable area for unloading).


(the full package ads an electric hydraulic release valve that fits at the end of the hydraulic power hose where it attaches to the tractor. Then an additional hydraulic hose runs out of the release valve and back to the resorvoir which returns the hydraulic fluid if the bed becomes unsafe or tilts while raising causing the bed to return to a safe level).